What’s in my favorite camera bag

what's in my favorite camera bag-

What’s in my favorite camera bag? I’ve had a DSLR for 10 years now. 10 years ago, my then boyfriend (now husband, yay) bought me a really cute camera bag that held a small DSLR with the kit lens. It was a little shoulder bag that was perfect for short trips. In 2012, I took a solo trip to Hong Kong to rendezvous with my husband who was traveling there on a Naval ship. So I ordered my first photo backpack, the Lowepro 350 AW Transit. I traveled literally  ALL OVER the world with that backpack and loved it. Fast forward to this year. I purchased a drone and needed even more room. So I bought the Lowepro 450 ProTactic AW Version 1 while it was on sale.

what's in my favorite camera bag-


This backpack is intense. It comes covered with MOLLE webbing so you can completely customize the outside. The inside has so many pockets and movable dividers.  This bag has allowed me to specifically organize and fit so much gear into it.  I love all of the options.

what's in my favorite camera bag-


I generally carry several types of cameras.

Mavic pro 2- The drone is the Mavic Pro 2. I chose this one over the zoom because of the Hasselblad lens. I have to admit, I haven’t used this as much as I would like. We’ve ran into so much rain and windy weather recently.  But, I’m really hoping to use it more this year.

Canon 5d Mark IV- The Mark IV is my main camera. I upgraded mainly to shoot more video this year. I’ve owed the Canon Rebel XSI and the Canon 5d Mark II, III, & now the IV.  Needless to say I am a fan of Canon.

Canon G7X II- This little point and shoot has a great flip out screen and is perfect for the times you want to vlog but don’t want to use a heavier camera such as the DSLR. My main beef with this camera is that the audio isn’t the best.

GoPro 6- This is usually the camera my husband uses. It’s waterproof, shock and freeze resistant. It’s an easy camera to use but overheats. GoPro, please fix this.

what's in my favorite camera bag-


Currently these are my favorite lenses. The Canon 50mm 1.2 has been through a lot over the past 7 plus years. But it’s still trucking along, making delicious bokeh. The Sigma 15mm is really great for mega wide landscape shots and vlogging with the DSLR in tight spaces.

what's in my favorite camera bag-


The Ronin-S is my video stabilizer. I love the buttery smooth footage it creates. Plus, it’s really durable and has a solid build.

what's in my favorite camera bag-


The Rode VideoMicro has great sound and is really compact. I have one of the original full-size rode mics with the deadcat (the fuzzy, gray outside that helps eliminate wind sounds) but that mic is too big to pack.

The skyblue zippered pouch holds my cf and sd cards, my external hard drives, and extra cords.

The little notebook is perfect for making sure you have info on the go. I write down photo and video ideas and tips in there to make sure it’s available offline. I highly recommend carrying one.

Two accessories that aren’t pictured, but that I think should be on this list: extension cord and lens pen. The extension cord has helped SO MUCH in hotels with weirdly placed outlets. The lens pen keeps your lens clean when you’re like me and travel to places with sea salt air and sand often.

what's in my favorite camera bag- what's in my favorite camera bag- what's in my favorite camera bag-

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