Simple & Easy: How to Start an Urban Garden

Last year was the first successful home garden experience for us. Our little garden yielded so many cucumbers that made enough pickles to last us until this year. We also had more shishito peppers and okra than we knew what to do with (actually, we ate all of them). Every morning, the husband and our toddler would go out and pick out little veggies. It was suuuuper cute. I’m mushy over this kind of stuff.

Anyways, we mostly bought our vegetable plants from our local hardware store, but this year we decided to grow them mostly from seeds. They’ve been doing quite well and I’m pretty obsessed with watching their progress. We have about 20 varieties of seeds. A majority of them are doing well, but my Chinese chives (nira) and bittermelon (goya) seeds haven’t sprouted at all. I’ve planted more and I’m hoping that they’ll eventually surprise me. This is the type of surprise I can really get behind!

While I was planting the seeds on our back porch, the toddler was working on a fun bean sorting activity I found on Pinterest. Thanks Pinterest! It totally kept him busy the entire time.


Do you have any tips for starting your garden from seeds?

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