Make Awesome Yogurt For A Fraction of the Cost

homemade yogurt with homemade granola

Our family eats a lot of yogurt. We love the rich, creaminess of Greek yogurt but it was getting very expensive very quickly. At $4-7 per tub, and at least one tub per week, I had to find a cheaper solution. Not to mention, that many tubs can’t really be great for our carbon footprint (even if we reuse them). I found out that I can make a GALLON of yogurt for less than $4 and it’s really easy. This recipe is for the Instant Pot version, but I have easily made it without an Instant Pot too. I also scaled it down to only a half gallon because most people don’t want a full gallon of yogurt. It easily scales up too.

Ai Travels Blog pouring milk into Instant Pot

I don’t always smile when I’m pouring milk, but when I do, it’s when I’m making yogurt. I kid. My husband says that I usually have my “game face” on while I cook. Probably means that I look angry. Oh well! Cooking is serious business! 😉

Ai Travels Blog adding yogurt into Instant Pot

There are only two ingredients for this recipe: milk & yogurt. I added heavy cream to mine because we like the extra creaminess, but you can leave it out to keep it simple.

pointing to the yogurt button on instant pot

The Instant Pot comes with a really cool yogurt button. It makes it very easy to heat up the milk to the correct temperature without scorching it.

ai travels blog holding two quarts of yogurt

When we were finished, we had two and a half quarts of very thick yogurt. I suggest using quart-sized, glass canning jars to store them in the refrigerator after they are finished. They last for two weeks in the refrigerator but we haven’t had them last that long in our house (because they get eaten quickly).

pouring granola onto homemade yogurt

We love to eat the yogurt with fruit preserves, honey, or granola. It’s a perfect anytime food and we love it!

Instant Pot Yogurt Recipe


1/2 gallon whole milk

2 Tablespoons yogurt that “contains live cultures”

1 cup heavy cream (optional)


1. Make sure that your Instant Pot has been thoroughly cleaned.

2. Pour in the milk and heavy cream if using.

3. Lock the lid in place, but leave the pressure valve open. Press the yogurt button until the LCD screen reads “boil”.

4. After machine finishes and beeps, cool milk to 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Mix in yogurt and replace the lid but leave the valve open again.

6. Push the Yogurt button until it reads “8:00”. Cook for 6-8 hours, testing for tartness around the 6 hour mark.

7. Remove the yogurt and put into containers. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours. Enjoy!



  1. AvatarParis says

    Looks good and pretty easy to make! Thank you for sharing!

  2. AvatarSara Mertaban says

    What?!?! Well I’ve learned something today! Thanks for sharing how to make yogurt!

  3. AvatarLaura says

    Making yogurt has been on my list forever! I need to just do it!

  4. AvatarRikki Ridgeway says

    This makes me love my Instant Pot even more, it’s so versatile and can make so many things!

  5. Avatarciara says

    Looks so yummy and easy to make.

  6. AvatarMarysa says

    How interesting! We used to have a yogurt maker, but I didn’t realize you could make it in an Instant Pot.

  7. Avatarvidya says

    while making yogurt at home is something we have done forever, the instant pot has definitely made it easy and failproof no matter what the weather is..

  8. AvatarTiffanie A Westgor says

    I’ve never thought of making yogurt in the instant pot! How genius! ps: your photos are so great!!

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