Easy And Thoughtful Gift For Travelers

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Easy And Thoughtful Gift Cards From Walmart

For the holidays this year, we will be packing up and moving our entire house. We’re a military family, so we’re used to moving around this time every 2-3 years. This year, we have had to pack every single thing into a moving box or into our car. So, we opted for easy to pack and carry gifts this year. The gift card selection at Walmart was perfect for our gift-giving needs. The display has dozens of really unique options. Plus, it’s a one-stop shop for every gift and all of the wrapping & packaging. I opted for the Fandango Now gift card.

easy and thoughtful gift for travellers

Fandango Now has 80,000 movies and tv shows. There’s no subscription needed. Also, it has new releases that aren’t available on the subscription services that I use. It’s perfect for both my husband and my little boy. For the person who thinks that gift cards are impersonal, they are a perfect gift for us. I’m going to use the card for date nights in with my husband and for tv shows on the go while we’re traveling for my toddler. It will definitely be more useful than something bulky or something that will only be played with a couple of times.



Easy And Thoughtful Gifts for travelers

Easy And Thoughtful Gifts for travelers

Easy And Thoughtful Gifts for travelers

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