Dying My Hair with Keratin Color + Moisture at CVS

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keratin color box next to succulent  Every few months or so I like changing up my look by changing my hair. It’s been hot pink, turquoise, blond, teal, purple, etc. It’s such a fun way to express myself outwardly. Since I do this to my hair often, I make sure I use quality hair products to reduce damage. Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color + Moisture is such a great product.​​ The Color & Moisture line from Keratin Color leaves your hair feeling nourished and moisturized. The shades are suitable for all hair types and textures from straight to wavy, to curly, and even coily.

woman searching cvs hair color aisle    Plus, it’s so easy to find at your local CVS store. In my local store, it was located in the “Hair Color” aisle. me with no product in my hair

This is my hair without any product (please pardon my no-makeup look). I generally like to straighten my hair prior to applying color, because it’s so much easier to see what I’m doing to my hair. I have quite a few gray hairs that I wouldn’t mind covering too.
contents of keratin color

I love that it has a pre-color serum for the more sensitive parts of your hair, like the ends that have the most damage. It’s a really easy process. First, I coated my ends with the pre-color serum. Next, I mixed parts 2a and 2b together.​

keratin color step two both parts

The two parts together made this cute beige-salmon color that eventually gets darker. Also, shout out to Schwarzkopf for including gloves. Not every brand includes gloves, especially gloves that fit my fairly large hands.keratin color applied to my hair
Here is the color applied to my full head. I like to pull my hair into a bun to keep it from drying out. Plus, it helps mitigate the dye from getting everywhere. I left it in my hair for 30 minutes per the instructions. The conditioner that comes with this box smells so wonderful! It’s a pleasant floral/fruity scent that my husband loved as well. I would legitimately buy this conditioner if it is sold separately.​

woman holding keratin color box    This is my hair after washing and styling. The dye pleasantly covered my gray hair, turning them into brown highlights. That’s definitely a win in my book! My hair is so soft and not at all dry. Here are a couple of helpful hints: 1) wear clothes you don’t mind getting stained. 2) Put some thick lotion on your forehead and other places the dye may get on as it creates a barrier so that your skin doesn’t get dyed. Happy hair coloring!

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