Beautiful, Easy, & Affordable Fashion with PinkBlush

beautiful, easy, & affordable fashion with PinkBlush- healthyaiblog

Spring is finally here in the South! It’s finally finished being cold here! I don’t know how people from colder climates cope. Don’t get me wrong. I love a beautiful blanket of snow just as much as the next person. But it’s April and I’m ready for warmer temperatures! I’ll probably be singing a different tune in August, but for now, I’m relishing in the almost beach weather. Speaking of beaches, we’re enjoying our little trip down to one of our favorite places in the world, Jacksonville, FL. My husband is here on a business trip. So the boy and I are tagging along.

beautiful, easy, & affordable fashion with PinkBlush- healthyaiblog

It’s a gorgeous place filled with amazingly sweet people and really great food. I love it here. We went to the beach on a week day and it was soooo nice! Granted it was a bit windy and chilly but the boy enjoyed the water all the same. He’s my little island kid (born on Okinawa). We’ll enjoy the beach a few more times before we go back. We enjoyed a nice stroll on a nature trail this afternoon. I say stroll, but I was in heels. I haven’t worn heels often since having the boy. So I’m a bit out of practice. Strolling in heels was ….interesting. Especially on a nature path! I have a few blisters but I do miss wearing cuter shoes, so I’ll have to find some that are more comfortable.

beautiful, easy, & affordable fashion with PinkBlush- healthyaiblog

We love exploring around here. Just today we found a boba tea spot that has wonderful baked goods. The boy learned a new word today: cake. He kept pointing at these delightful cakes at our new boba spot and because of his new found word, got more of my portion than I had originally planned to share. And in the same location, there’s a perfect place to get empanadas. I thought I had had empanadas before. Apparently those were poser empanadas because the ones we had to today were little pockets of beef and potato heaven. I love this place.

This gorgeous off the shoulder dress is from PinkBlush. It’s effortlessly stylish and so very comfortable! I love their clothes! To check out this dress, click the link HERE.

off shoulder spring dress



  1. AvatarSandhya Nadkarni says

    What a gorgeous dress! And the color looks beautiful on you. We are still waiting for some warm weather in the Boston area

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