5 Easy Ways I’m Getting in Shape This Year

4 easy ways I''m getting in shape this year- healthy ai blog

Every year so many people (like me) promise themselves around New Years to get healthier, get in shape, eat better, etc. But according to this study, over 80% fail. I’ve stopped making New Years resolutions to get into better shape. Instead I’m working on lifestyle changes that help me, step by step, to be a little healthier.

4 ways to get into better shape- healthy ai blog
1. Get rid of unhealthy snacks that tempt you.

I love food. I really love food. My problem is that I’ll allow myself to get too hungry and my “snack” turns into a giant junk food binge. That’s why we don’t keep chips in the house. Instead, I make a list of healthy options that I actually like (this is important. If you don’t like these snacks, you won’t eat them) and buy or make those to have on hand. I make sure I’m eating the correct serving size and really enjoy my treat instead of being guilty later for overeating.

4 ways to get into better shape- healthy ai blog

2. Adding walks to your day

This seems overly simple but really adds up! I’ve come to enjoy our walks. It gives me time to unplug with phone-free time and catch up with my family uninterrupted. It’s refreshing and energizing! Plus, I’m very motivated by my step-counter. I have a Garmin HR. I love that it’s waterproof and I wear it practically all day so I know how much I’m moving.

4 ways to get into better shape- healthy ai blog

3. Play/workout when your child plays

When we go on walks to the park, I like to play with my toddler or workout while he plays. I’ll either climb on the jungle gym with him (it’s harder than I remember), or bring a jump rope with me, or use the equipment if the playground also has outdoor gym workout equipment. Again, this gives me more time to be unplugged. Plus, my boy really loves the face to face time of playing with him, instead of me reading a book or something else.

4. Find a consistent workout that you love

Real talk guys: I hate running. I love gym equipment workouts, agility workouts, swimming, climbing, biking, basketball, tennis, martial arts, etc. but I loathe running. I really want to be one of those gorgeous people who you see in really cute running outfits and they look soooo graceful. I look like a hot mess while running and really don’t enjoy it. So, I don’t do it. Instead I focus on things that I enjoy and build up from there. I do a mix of elliptical workouts, weights, climbing, and jiujitsu (it helps that I live with a black belt). I have to schedule time in my day or it doesn’t get done. Initially, it was kind of a chore. But after a while, I started really looking forward to my workout time and really loving the results. I’m looking forward to really pushing myself and trying new athletic events this year!

5. Having a goal

Every time I don’t workout, I think about my goals. I have pretty lofty goals. So I know that if I don’t put in the effort, it’s going to be really hard to achieve them. If you’re a picture person, have a motivating picture you can hang somewhere to remind yourself. Goals are essential. If you’re just working out for the sake of working out, things can get boring.


What are ways that you keep yourself motivated for healthy goals after the New Year slump?

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5 easy ways to stay in shape


  1. AvatarOrayvia Godoy says

    Thank you for the amazing information! This really helps me have a plan and a balance when getting into shape! Love it

  2. AvatarMarjie Mare says

    I am longing for long walks, right now because of the weather, I am taking short walks to the park. I have not jumped rope in ages. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  3. AvatarKrystal Miller says

    I’m good about healthy snacks most of the time, but I really need to find a way to get in more walks now that the weather is getting warm!

  4. AvatarJulie says

    Great tips! I wear a Fitbit to keep track of my steps, water, etc. I’ve been wearing for over a year.

  5. AvatarThrifDeeDubai says

    I love this! You know living in the middle east has it’s draw backs sometimes. It gets excruciatingly hot in the summer, which means no walks outside unless you want to be burnt to a crisp! So I’m really taking advantage of the cooler months we are having now &try if to be outdoors as much as possible with my girl!
    Thanks for the beneficial post. Will definetly be implementing some if these ideas into my daily life!

  6. AvatarKarla says

    Simple and great advise. I love how you made it specific, too.

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