Truth Time + Pink Blush Top

pink blush- healthy ai blog

Truth time. I have been fairly absent since Thanksgiving on my blog and really anywhere else. I’ve been sick for quite a while and the peak has had me in the hospital/ER about 9 times since Thanksgiving. The doctors still don’t know what is wrong with me. But hopefully we’re coming up on some answers soon. I’m exhausted physically, mentally, and emotionally. I want to workout more but barely have the energy to get out of bed most days. But you know what? I’m still proud of this body. It’s been around the world countless times. It’s survived so much and has blessed me immensely. So I’m going to take care of it the best way I can. Sometimes that looks like being at the gym and sometimes it’s just resting and watching cartoons with my toddler on the couch. Balance. That’s what it seems like I’m really working on this season.

pink blush- healthy ai

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago when we went to Georgia. The top is from Pink Blush. I wore it at my husband’s BJJ tournament and while we traveled out and about. It’s so flowy and comfortable. I love the pop of bright, happy color.

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